Green Clean
100% Safe Non-Toxic


The Mean Green Carpet Clean. Specialized cleaning from start to sparkling finish. A Mean Green Carpet Clean expert will select the right method and product for your special job.

Green! Environment Friendly. That is why we are called The Mean Green Carpet Clean – we strive to use non-toxic, Green Products which leave your carpet fresh and your home safe. We guarantee you will come home to a safe and clean carpet.

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Why us

Our Green Mission
Our goal is to work with each and every client to create a safer, non-toxic, and more allergy free environment in their home or business. To give our clients the best carpet, upholstery, and rug cleaning service.

Economic & Eco-friendly
To give our clients the best cleaning using safe natural products while utilizing ecological and green methods. We strive to doing excellent cleaning with safe natural products and using green methods while keeping prices affordable.

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Our Method
What we offer


All our cleaners are naturally based and very safe for home. We believe that our system cleans more effectively than anything else on the market. Our green process is non-residue and low moisture drying in 1-2 hours eliminating any mold growth.   Read More