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Furniture & Upholstery

If your carpets are going to be clean, it’s only natural that your furniture is, too. The Mean Green Carpet Clean also cleans sofas, sectionals, chairs, and other upholstery that is in your home or office.

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Why use Mean Green Carpet Clean for furniture cleaning?
Dirt, allergens and more can get trapped in your furniture. When it does, fibers can weaken and that can negatively impact your furniture’s appearance. Our furniture cleaning services will remove these harmful soils and help make your furniture look like new again.

When you bring Mean Green Carpet Clean in to clean your furniture, we’ll also inspect your furniture for any defects, color loss and stains. We’ll then put our fabric and eco-friendly cleaners to work to remove all and any soils.
Mean Green Carpet Clean furniture cleaning process

Our mission is to make your furniture cleaner and look newer than it was before we arrived.


Here are the steps we take to accomplish this:
• Pre-cleaning furniture examination
• Put furniture on protective cover
• Pre-condition/shampoo and brush furniture
• Rinse and remove furniture stains and/or odors
• Apply topical treatments
• After cleaning, inspect furniture with you to ensure you’re satisfied with the job.

Let Mean Green Carpet Clean keep your furniture clean

Your furniture is often the centerpiece of your living room or office. Even if it isn’t the focal point, it’s where you sit or lie down; it has to be clean and odor-free. Sure, you can keep it relatively clean with day-to-day care, but the deep clean that Mean Green Carpet Clean provides will keep your furniture looking and smelling its best.

To ensure proper drying time and shape retention, we ask that you give all upholstery a 24-hour period of non-use after cleaning.

Get in touch today to schedule your furniture cleaning.

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